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Archive for April, 2008

April 30, 2008

Roasted Duck and Pomelo Salad

I know this photo sucks – my kids played with the camera and did something with the settings and I didn’t find out until after the food was eaten! from my column in Tampa Tribune Two weeks ago, I took a trip to Los Angeles to teach a couple of cooking classes and to visit […]

April 25, 2008

Grapes and Grappa, Figs and Olives + Free Cooking Light Cookbooks!

Since I’ve been working on my cookbook, which is all about modern Asian cooking, almost everything edible that comes out of my kitchen has been Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian or Korean. Yes, it can be tiring and I’m considering starting a new blog called “Steamy Kitchen, UnAsian” just to break the monotony. Gimme some […]

April 23, 2008

Green Beans with Garam Masala Butter and Toasted Hazelnuts

I’ve been on an Indian food kick lately, as a friend of mine sent me a goody box full of Indian ingredients to experiment with. I’m new to the cuisine, intimidated by the long list of unfamiliar spices in recipes. How do I pronounce badi elaichi or hara dhaniya without sounding as if I’ve slammed […]

April 20, 2008

Going home tomorrow!

I’m finally going home tomorrow! Don’t get me wrong, I love visiting my parents, but I miss my husband and my bed. I want my bathroom towel warmer, I want my secret stash of chocolates that I hide in the refrigerator drawer labeled “vegetables.” I want to know that when I push…

April 16, 2008

I can pick up raw peanuts with my toes and fling them pretty far…


April 14, 2008

Emotionally draining. Happy ending.

I don’t even know where to begin, but to say that last week was one of the most draining that I’ve experienced. I felt like I was a rubber ball thrown from one wall of emotion (terrified) to another (scrambling, nervous) to another (relieved, elated) to yet another (insanely enraged…

April 10, 2008

Sparkling Ginger Lime & Mint Cooler

These are fabulous recipes from Modern Indian cookbook , written by my new friend and famous chef, Hari Nayak. If you are new to Indian cooking, this is absolutely the perfect book to start with. The recipes are simple, elegant and uses ingredients you can find in most supermarkets. Sparkling Ginger Lime Cooler serves 6 […]

April 7, 2008

Better than Schoolhouse Rock

This is how my son’s preschool teaches the kids about where milk comes from…

April 5, 2008

Kona Kampachi Winners

This Saturday morning, I had every intention of waking up bright and early to post the winners. But the boys wanted to make breakfast for MiMi and PaPa (Scott’s parents), who are visiting from Buffalo, NY. How could I say no to this face?…

April 2, 2008

Citrus-Soy Fish Fillet with Soba Noodles + Free Kampachi Drawing!

Buying fish at the supermarket is one of those things that make me nervous. First off, the only thing I can ever afford is farm-raised tilapia from who-knows-where and whatever the fishmonger has on sale. Secondly, cooking fish is finickier than chipmunk in heat – 60 seconds is all that separates…