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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crawfish Boil

Great Father’s Day idea:

Farmed crawfish from Louisiana is safe and sustainable! Last night, we hosted a crawfish boil for friends (this photo is from last year -last night we were too hungry to even bother with the camera). I bought 10lbs of live crawfish from one of my fav suppliers, Louisiana Crawfish Company.  They are family-owned and located in mid-state. The crawfish are farmed, unaffected by the oil spill.

The 10-pound party pack includes the live crawfish, seasoning and Fedex shipping fees already included in price – all for $40. Buy a few ears of corn, bag of new potatoes and you’ve got enough food to feed 6 people.

We’re at the tippy-tail end of crawfish season — and if you want to do this for Father’s Day (which is a Sunday) – I’d recommend paying $15 extra for Saturday delivery. Follow instructions on this page for storing crawfish overnight. You also might want to call the company to make sure that they’ll be shipping live crawfish this late in season.

4 Responses to “Crawfish Boil”

  1. Lan — 6/8/10 @ 6:54 pm

    Great timing! I’m hosting a crawfish boil this weekend and wasn’t sure which site to order from (I had narrowed it down to two). THANKS!

  2. Maryann — 6/9/10 @ 6:27 pm

    Should have done this for Mother’s Day! DH is allergic to shellfish!! He did love love LOVE the slider idea. Those look soooooo good. A little tear is falling.

  3. Elizabeth Yarnell — 6/10/10 @ 3:14 pm

    LOVE crawfish boils! We just attended a fantastic crawfish boil block party in Redondo Beach, California — very fun!

  4. I live across the street from a resevoir where you can catch crawfish pretty easily. I love them just steamed with a little butter!

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