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Saturday, February 6, 2010

BBQ Pitmaster Chef Paul’s Sweet & Smoky Ribs

Another sweet and smoky recipe? Yep! I can sweet and smoky anything – even tofu (maybe next week!)

BBQ fans are loving the new BBQ Pitmasters Show on TLC and I was lucky enough to get a recipe for Chef Paul Peterson’s Sweet and Smoky Ribs.

New Twitter friend, Steve Wilson, who runs Grilling Companion website was kind enough to help me out by testing, photographing the recipe and also interviewing Chef Paul.

Get Chef Paul Peterson’s Sweet and Smoky Ribs recipe on Steamy Kitchen on TLC.

11 Responses to “BBQ Pitmaster Chef Paul’s Sweet & Smoky Ribs”

  1. BBQ ribs are nice. And you said something about tofu? I’m interested in seeing that…

  2. Big boys Oven — 2/6/10 @ 5:42 pm

    wow this is awesome! with recipe too wow! just awesoeme!

  3. It’s around lunchtime in Tokyo… I’m so hungry with your recipe :)

  4. Tuty — 2/7/10 @ 12:05 am

    Delicious looking ribs although I may need to go easy on slathering the sauce.

  5. Chris — 2/7/10 @ 11:24 am

    I have been loving the entertainment value of The Pitmasters show but the even better part is the commenting that goes on at the BBQ Brethren forum after each show. Hilarious stuff.

  6. Anelle — 2/7/10 @ 12:15 pm

    Ooooh…I’m excited to see the tofu recipe. :)

  7. Natanya — 2/7/10 @ 5:28 pm

    Paul is one of my favorite Texas chefs and just a blast in person. When I saw that you had a chance to get his recipe I had thie brief vision of what a room would be like with the two of you in it and decided it would be crazy fun! My favorite short ribs recipe is Paul’s and he taught me how to make risotto ahead of time, so I’m sure these ribs will be fantastic. Putting them on my list to try once the grilling weather in Texas is a bit better.

  8. Dandy — 2/7/10 @ 8:42 pm

    I loooove sweet and smoky!

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  10. Karen — 2/10/10 @ 8:49 pm

    Ahh I watched one of those shows, not sure if it was the first or not but Chef Paul had a rough time. His recipes looked great and it is great to see him on your blog! Good Luck Chef Paul, don’t give up!

  11. dhanes420 — 3/7/10 @ 8:13 pm

    Yum! Have been closely approximating that exact same dry rub forever, but that mop is excellent! Mine still don’t come out as purty as your (his) pic though :(

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